Workforce Data Services Colorado

Timely Data on Workers Needing Services:

Only a small percentage of unemployed workers provide comprehensive work, education, and training histories about themselves. Workforce Data Services offers a unique and effective approach to collecting such histories that ensures data is available within days of the worker filing for Unemployment Insurance (UI). The process begins as the initial claim for UI is being filed. Dislocated Workers and other priority customers are directed to a web enabled database to provide employment, education, and training data using point and click drop down box technology. Occupation coding is accomplished or codes assigned at intake can be verified.

Use Common Data to Drive Program Integration:

Workforce Data Services offers data integration services that allow data to be shared between Agency legacy systems and the systems of local service providers, even if not networked. This eliminates duplicate data collection by partner agencies and service providers saving time, money, and improving customer satisfaction. Having access to good data about common customers will allow providers to develop coordinated services and workflow. The process of determining service needs and goals can begin before the worker sets foot in the One-Stop Center. Assessments and referrals to employment and services will be accomplished on a timely basis.

Better Program Performance:

Access to more thorough and timely worker data will facilitate process and program improvement. Programs such as REA and RES will benefit from having worker history data on hand during candidate selection. Less time will be spent collecting data, thus freeing staff for service planning and delivery. Local service providers who need to perform assessments will have the advantage of advance data access. Recruitment activities for services at the local level will be more streamlined and effective.